Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Foodies are amateurs who simply love food for consumption, study, preparation, and news.

From the above definition, I would like to highlight the phrase, “SIMPLY LOVE FOOD FOR CONSUMPTION”.  That phrase right about defines my son, Timothy.  Yep, he LOVES to eat.  Any time anyone is even near the dining table, he runs over to eat.  He utters, “maam ma” translated food almost all day long.  It doesn’t matter if he just ate a big meal or if he just woke up.  Anytime, any day, he WILL eat.  Food is the best way to comfort him, to ease anxiety, distract, coax and persuade him.  He knows when I go into the kitchen, it’s meal time. 

I was a little worried last week, though.  My daughter had an extremely high fever the week before (105+) and we knew he would end up getting whatever she had.  We were on high alert since his fever usually runs higher than normal and all the symptoms usually gets amplified.  And because he is younger, we didn’t want him getting febrile seizures.  So everyday, after Claire’s fever subsided, we watched him very carefully.  Every morning as I picked him up and felt his cool cheeks, I was relieved.  While Claire had her high fever, she did not eat anything.  So when the fever finally struck Timothy after 3 days, I thought for sure he would be ultra cranky.  But to my surprise, though he was cranky while he had the fever (before Tylenol kicked in), he never missed his meals.  Actually, I think he ate more.  He had 3 square meals, plus 2 large snacks.  Amazing.  For one of the snacks, he ate a little more than 2 whole oranges.  When I asked if he wanted more, astounded that he was still eating, he sheepishly and slowly did the more sign.  He was happy when he ate, even when he was sick.  Food is the answer :). 

Thankfully, his fever never went over 102.  A while back, one of his doctors mentioned that sometimes CGD patients are “healthier” than other kids because they are always on antibiotics, preventing possible infections.  I think this was one of those instances where his symptoms were milder than Claire’s due to his meds.  Here’s one upside to CGD. 

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  1. Aw, I'm glad Claire is feeling better, that's a high fever! So thankful Timothy was okay. He fits right in with our family of good eaters, haha. We have to have your family over soon for dinner!