Friday, February 8, 2013

Day +366 (One Year!)

One year ago today, Timothy had his life-saving bone marrow transplant.  This one year mark is a huge milestone for BMT patients.  We cannot adequately express our thoughts and emotions.  I tremble with gratitude as I look back at our BMT journey.  I have looked forward to this day for so long.  And as this day has arrived, a deep sense of peace, relief and contentment fill my heart.  We’ve made it.  One year.  Through difficulties and heartaches, we have arrived.  Words fail me… but God knows, and He knew and will always know.  Thank you for traveling this journey with us… today is a day to celebrate and rejoice!

As I reminisced, I found some old pictures and videos…

Below is a video taken during his chemotherapy treatment, just a few days before his transplant day.  He was so happy and content :).

First time he needed blood transfusion.  He was so pale…and the chemo taking its toll on his little body.

photo 1

February 8, 2012.  Transplant day.  He was really weak and listless.  But he was very adamant that he “read” his bible.  So I was flipping through his bible during his transplant infusion. 

He fell asleep before the infusion was complete.

His new marrow dripping down and through his veins… We are so thankful to his donor.  Hopefully, we will get to meet her one day.

photo (20)

Now, one year later, our little boy: (2/8/13)

photo 3

He is still on 6 meds.  We are hoping he will be off most of them after our Houston trip.  He will undergo many tests and bloodwork for his one year check-up at TCH.  Please pray with us that he will have positive results…


  1. alice, this is such a great day! i can't believe it has already been a year. he looks like a baby in the pictures. timothy and your family have been through so much, i am so happy that this day has come! praying!

  2. Has it already been a year? Praise God!! Will pray that your trip to Texas goes well and that Timothy will be off his meds soon. Love you guys!!!

  3. Happy One Year of New Life Timothy! We pray that you continue on the path to a completely normal and healthy life! Say hi to our TCH buddies for us!