Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day +358

Happy 5th birthday, Claire!  We cannot believe you are already 5.  We are so thankful for you.  You are sweet, funny, and smart.  You definitely make us want to be better parents.  Your very presence is a gift enough for us.  Mommy and daddy are challenged to better nurture and guide you to become a grace-filled young lady.  You make us proud :). 

Some highlights from the past year:

-You’ve definitely have become more social and outgoing.  Loves attending school and calls most of your friends your best friend.

-You sort of taught yourself how to read.  I was amazed today when you read your birthday card from us all by yourself.

-You love to play with your brother, and boss him around, then eventually fight.  But most of the time you yield and let Timothy do what he wants to do.

-You still love mac n cheese A LOT, along with Trader Joe’s gnocchi, and all types of meat, including seafood.  You like to eat shrimp in its entirety, head to tail.  You definitely dislike rice, except with ggim or fish.  You love taking lunch to school on lunch bunch days.

-Recently, you have been really scared of the dark and very sensitive to noise, even more so than before.  We are working on that these days.

-You love being in Playsports and being exposed to different types of sports. 

-Though you are very verbal, we are working on expressing yourself when you are upset and being more honest with your feelings. 

-You love books, art, princesses, super heroes, cars and trains, and of course anything electronic.  You also love going to school, attending church, having people over and looks forward to district gathering every month.

We love you, Claire… more than you’ll ever know.  Happy birthday…

Claire celebrating with her preschool class:

photo 1

Celebrating with family:

photo 3

Timothy was excited to blow out the candles too, but was extremely upset he did not get any presents… oh well.

photo 2

*A quick Timothy update… so far so good… we are really praying his lungs are good to go.  Thank you for praying and we continue to ask for your prayers as we approach our 1 year date.  We will be going to TCH for our check up in February.  We are excited to go back!


  1. Happy b-day Claire! Hope you can meet Victoria in person someday. I think you two will make best friends. Timothy and your family are in our prayer.

  2. Thanks for sharing about the birthday planning. Our Christmas day was just like the same. It was full of fun and love with dear ones. Late night party at Chicago event venues was gracefully managed by my cousin. Desserts and red décor were matching. Crockery used seemed to be expensive as well.