Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day +185

Tonight, after family worship Timothy came close up to my face and said, “God (is) incredible.”  Yes, indeed our God is incredible and even Timothy recognizes this wonderful truth.  He continued to talk about how God made everything… cars, trains, food, basically all the things he enjoys :).  I envy his faith.  In the midst of the busyness, I have forgotten these basic truths.  Coming back home, life has been busy with “extra” stuff.  Nothing necessary nor dire, just “extra” things which make life more comfortable and enjoyable.  Tonight, I am reminded to just return to the core of my beliefs and have faith like a child.  Many things don’t turn out the way I expect, but that just shows my lack of trust that God is in control of ALL things… because He is incredible :).

As far as Timothy’s medical update, we have had weekly appointments and have met 3 of the 5 transplant doctors.  He continues to have his labs drawn weekly, and his counts have been good.  His steroids have been decreased slightly, and amazingly has helped his night time sleep significantly.  He still has his moody moments and disturbed sleep and has been consuming a lot of carbs, but overall, he has been happy and active.  Please continue to remember him in your prayers.  From transplant perspective, he has done remarkable well (though we are not out of the woods quite yet).  His only issue thus far has been his lungs.  They are still very dependent on the steroids.  Would you pray that his lungs will be healed completely, so that we can start to wean off some of his meds?

Both Claire and Timothy are very happy to be home.  We have been visiting grandma and grandpa’s house frequently and they love it.  They are definitely enjoying all the attention they are getting :).

Timothy at CHLA appointment:

photo (15)

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