Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day +169

It’s been very busy past 2 days since we arrived on Tuesday.  And yes, we are HOME!  It’s a bit surreal.  Everything is familiar, and yet there’s a feeling of disconnectedness.  It’s as if we’ve never left, but at the same time I feel like we lived a lifetime in Houston.  The comfort of our own home we have embraced very quickly.  And simultaneously, we miss our “home” in Houston.  It was quite emotional leaving our home of 7 months behind.  All in all, we are grateful.  Grateful for Timothy’s health and progress, grateful for a safe flight home and grateful for our wonderful friends both here and in Houston.  Now, we begin our next phase of BMT recovery journey.  Timothy’s care will be followed by the BMT doctors in CHLA.  We have our first appointment tomorrow.  I am really dreading the L.A. traffic :(.

Here are some pictures… Timothy was super excited to go on the plane :).

photo 1

He was a trooper in wearing the mask the whole flight!

photo 2

By the time we landed, he refused to be strapped in the stroller and insisted he walk.  And yes, it’s a princess luggage :).

photo 3

And to our great surprise, we were greeted by our wonderful friends at the airport… all of us were really shocked to see everyone.  THANK YOU for coming out and making us feel so loved and special.  Though Claire didn’t express it outwardly, I know she was REALLY happy to see everyone :).  You guys are the BEST!!! 

And when we came home… more balloons and signs and goodies… We are overwhelmed by our church’s generosity and love.  THANK YOU, NLMC!!!

photo 4