Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day +120

It looks as if God had different plans than what I had planned.  We had clinic yesterday thinking we’d have a more definite date of our return home.  But instead we ran into some complications and ended up being admitted.  We are at the BMT unit awaiting bronchoscopy procedure to take a look at his lungs.  Some tests from yesterday showed there’s something going on in his lungs.  His oxygen saturation level was low yesterday at the clinic requiring Timothy to be on oxygen.  The doctors are unsure as to the cause.  It can be infectious in nature or can be transplant related issue.  Hopefully, after the procedure today we’ll have more clarity. 

We ask for your prayers.  Timothy looks and acts fine for the most part.  He is NPO right now and that’s making him really cranky.  He wants to eat.  We are thankful this happened while we are here.  God’s timing is perfect, indeed.

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