Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day +71

Timothy has been eating like a monster.  This is a side-effect to the steroids he is on.  For instance… he woke up this morning crying for food, then ate 2 waffles and 1/2 an orange.  At about 10:30 am, he again was demanding food and ate 3 slices of bread and nutella.  For lunch, he ate a bowl of rice with meat and veggies.  After nap, he had 2 bowls of ice cream (I stopped him after the 2nd bowl).  He was excited for dinner and ate a normal amount.  Right afterwards, he had a bowl of grapes and another slice of bread and nutella.  As I tucked him in for the night, he asked for food (he does this every night) and I reassured him that I would give him food tomorrow morning.  Constant eating… keeps me definitely busy.  Another side-effect to steroids is irritability and crankiness.  He is having a hard time accepting “no” from me or from anyone these days.  Hopefully, this will pass soon. 

Here are some things Timothy is into these days… he is into saying “no, thanks”.  For example… me: Timothy, let’s change your diaper? T: no, thanks.  me: Timothy, give me a kiss? T: no, thanks.  me: Timothy, share your toys. T: no, thanks.  He also likes to say, “no way” these days.  He loves his doctor and says his name daily.  During one of our clinic visits, he saw Dr. Krance from afar and started calling out his name and ran towards him pushing open the glass door :).  He enjoys reading books, playing on the iPad, and watching Elmo.  He is up to catechism #3, sort of.  And loves “Jesus Loves Me this I Know” song.  He insists on singing it every night for family worship.  And he loves to cuddle :).

As for Claire… she LOVES watching animation (that’s what she calls it) and can be on the iPad for hours, if we let her.  She likes to “watch” XBOX/Kinect.  She says it’s too hard for her.  Claire is VERY dramatic, especially when she gets hurt (usually a very small scratch).  She has a very low tolerance for pain.  It’s almost comical to watch :).  We are working on catechism #33 now.  Claire enjoys inventing new songs, stories and pretend playing.  And says she LOVES her brother, Timothy.  She is very verbal and enjoys people.  She still loves to read and tries to sound out words.  And like Timothy, she enjoys eating and snacking all day long.

As I was looking through some pictures, I found the below picture.  Taken right before we left for 1

Timothy before he started treatment, enjoying his last outing in January.

photo 2

This picture was taken today at the clinic.  He looks so different…

photo (11)


  1. You guys inspire me with your resilience!

  2. I am so glad Timothy is feeling better! Caleb also looks VERY different than he did pre-transplant. I often wonder if he will ever look like "himself" again...