Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day +70

In clinic today, Timothy had a chest x-ray.  It looks good :).  No fluid in his lungs.  The steroids and lasix have calmed his organs and dried him out.  So it looks like the fluid retention was due to an immune response as his new marrow is trying to settle into his body causing inflammation and leakage.  The plan is to wean Timothy off steroids and anti-rejection meds slowly, giving his body time to get “used to” the new marrow.  He played really well tonight.  Not needing to be held.  More energy and more playful.  We are so thankful.  Thank you for your continued prayers and concern for our family.  We love you all.

It’s day 70… 30 more days to go. 


  1. so good to hear! You try to get some rest tonight too. Missing you guys mucho.

  2. God is good Alice!!! Timothy is in His hands. We just started our journey.... Thanks for your updates, they are keeping me motivated.

  3. So glad he's better! One day at a time....