Thursday, September 8, 2011

Perfect Opposite

This post is dedicated to my very talented husband.  He is a man of many skills and hobbies.  He can fix anything around the house...a leaky faucet, broken doorbell, door knob, AC, etc.… He is Mr. Handy.  He is resourceful and a natural problem solver.  I, on the other hand, is none of the above.  My better half also has many hobbies:

When we first got married, he played lots of the below…  A LOT.



Then he moved on to this.  More educational, I thought.  He really got into it (books, DVDs, articles, flashcards, competitions… well, almost).


This particular one lasted for a while and is still on-going.  He even has a website:  This hobby is good for our family :).


This one was crazy.  He really wanted to fly a REAL plane.  I had to step in.  I think he’s still hoping, though.  Recently, while getting a physical, he got one for a pilot.  He can tell you ALL about different types of planes, airport activities, flight patterns, and on and on and on.



The latest and current obsession is remote control… helicopter, plane, cars, even Thomas the train :).  Practicing his helicopter flying, we had an injury (now, Claire is deathly afraid of the helicopter).  May I mention, he also likes to take them apart and put new parts in to make it more responsive (with proportional steering, acceleration and throttle… his words here).




Below are his on-going go-to’s:




And also, he loves to watch movies!


We make a perfect match.  I have NO hobbies (maybe except for reading, if you can count that a hobby).  We are perfect opposites.  Happy 38th Birthday to my wonderful husband!

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  1. D.Song is 38??? No way! Happy Birthday!!

    This post cracks me up~ =)