Sunday, November 13, 2011


We were discharged on Friday, after 5 days in the hospital.  Thankfully, Timothy was sort of used to the hospital room and slept much better this time around.  But the fact that he knew what to do and felt ‘safe’ in a hospital environment also made me sad.  He’s not even 2, yet he knows this is part of his life.  Here’s a video clip of me administering IV antibiotics to Timothy.  This is my new skill :).  Warning:  the video is long and dry.  But I wanted to show you what we do these days.  He gets antibiotics 3X a day, every 8 hours. 

SASH stands for Saline, Antibiotics, Saline, and Heparin.  Saline flushes his PICC line and Heparin prevents the line from clotting.  Because the PICC line goes directly into a larger vein close to his heart, it’s very important to keep the line clean and free of germs.

I will be updating more of our recent decision re: Timothy’s BMT soon.

THANK YOU… every email, text, card, comment, food delivered, gift/toys, prayers gave us comfort and strength.  We were reminded that we are not alone.  I appreciate them very very much.  I apologize for not responding to most of the emails, texts, comments, etc… But please know that it helps me keep going when things get emotional and tough.  I had some of those days/moments this past week.  Maybe I will blog about them one of these days…


  1. Wow - that is quite an intensive routine. It is amazing how well he seems to do with it. Glad he is discharged, but always praying!

  2. What a good and brave boy Timothy is...and you are stronger than you know, Alice. I'm so happy you guys are home. Sending the Songs lots of love. Praying...