Monday, April 7, 2014

Timothy’s Donor

Her name is Nazife.  She has a beautiful family.  She has three grown children.  She resides in Germany, but she is a Turk by ethnicity.  Though she lives on the other side of the world, we are connected in a very special way.  She is Timothy’s bone marrow donor.  Her marrow flows through my son’s body and he is able to live a healthy life.  We are grateful beyond words. 

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Thank you, Nazife, for donating your marrows to save another life.  What you have done has changed my son’s and our whole family’s life forever.  Your loving sacrifice gave our family hope and joy.  Thank you for making my son’s illness a distant memory for us.  I am sure the journey for you wasn’t easy.  We searched for a year to find Timothy a match.  And you were the ONLY match.  Just you.  No other potentials.  How amazing it is that this is how God orchestrated this miracle!  Thank you and thank you a million times… We hope to meet you one day.  Blessings and peace to you and yours…


  1. I'm just floored. Is that possible? Then again, we are all perfect match in God.

  2. Totally made me tear. God is so amazing and so good.

  3. Dear Alice,
    I am Gamze.. Nazife's daughter. I am really happy to see that your son Timothy is healthy again. Thank you for sharing your Blog with us.