Friday, September 14, 2012

Day +219

We had a whole week of break from clinic :).  It was nice not driving out to L.A. every other day.  Today’s clinic was uneventful… this is the way we like it.  His counts and meds have been stabilized.  Praise God!  Lately, I can see that Timothy is physically feeling better.  More energy, more attitude and definitely more feisty.  He has been acting like a normal 2 year old and I feel relieved and happy.  We are continuing to wean his steroids and his cyclosporine.  It’s been a slow process, but we are definitely getting there.  These are his 2 major meds he needs to be off of in order to regain some sense of normalcy in his life.  Please pray that his lungs will be ready for him to get off of steroids.  I get very nervous because the last 2 times he was weaned off, he ended up in the hospital. 

As I look at Timothy… and Claire, I feel very blessed to be their mom.  They fill my Mlife with joys indescribable.  Such precious gifts!  I could never have imagined this bliss.  Only God knows how to give gifts beyond our imagination and expectation.  I love you, Timothy and Claire!

And of course, my awesome, supportive and loving husband… our fearless leader and strength of our family just celebrated his 39th birthday:

photo 1
Here are some random pictures from the week… kids have been enjoying playing outside, especially Timothy.  Notice there’s NO ONE around, which means no mask :).
photo 4
Claire doing her favorite thing with her favorite auntie:
photo 3
And here’s our monkey boy after bath :).
photo 2
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love this post! So good to hear that his numbers are stable.

    Happy belated birthday to D.Song!

  2. so glad to see him outside and smiling. :)