Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day +132

Still here in Houston.  We had clinic yesterday and his labs are still looking good.  Timothy had an elevated fungal marker a few weeks ago, but that seemed to have corrected itself.  At times, his counts fluctuate up and down, for no apparent reason.  I am sure there is, but we just don’t know it.  Since Timothy is one month past his 100 days, I have been taking him along on some of my errands.  We have been frequenting the local grocery store, of course during non-peak hours.  He is all geared up with his mask and strapped in the stroller.  But each time we go, we get quite a lot of stares.  Though I am used to Timothy’s “looks”, most people are not.  With my double stroller with 2 kids, one clearly not healthy with the bulky mask and all, groceries piled on the stroller, I even draw sympathy from people in a wheelchair.  An older lady in a wheelchair asked me to go first at the check out line after surveying my situation :).  Though we try to live a “normal” life, it’s not quite normal yet.  This post-BMT journey is suppose to be long and I feel it these days. 

Oh, and we have officially started the hurricane season here in Houston.  Today alone, we had 2 huge storms with lightning and thunder.  But they don’t last long.  It clears up within a few hours. 

We continually covet your prayers for our family…

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  1. Why won't they release you home yet? It sounds like he is stable and doing well! So glad to hear this!