Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day +56

We had clinic on Monday and today.  No clinic until next Monday.  The counts still look good.  Timothy had a little bit of runny nose over the weekend, so we did a viral test on Monday.  It came back positive with rhinovirus, a common benign cold virus.  As long as he has no other symptoms, i.e. fever, we are okay.  His body should be able to fight it off on its own.  He has been a bit clingy and cranky the past few days.  Hopefully, it will pass without any serious complications.  Other than that, everything else is status quo.  We are just trudging on.  I have to confess though, being at home gets pretty mundane.  I can’t wait when I will be able to take both kids out for an outing.  Yes, all of us are feeling cooped up.  But the fact is, Timothy still picked up this virus while being cooped up at home.  This just proves to me how vigilant we need to be with him.  He needs to stay healthy until his body is ready.  Please pray for us that we will find contentment and joy during this time.  We need to be emotionally and spiritually healthy to put things in perspective and to love and serve one another daily (especially our kids :)).


  1. Alice, my son also has CGD....he went misdiagnosed with Crohns for 7 heart wrenching years. We are grateful that he will be admitted this month for a transplant to cure him. I ran into your blog researching on the internet and have been praying for Timothy for months. You have given me a positive outlook and inspired me in many ways to truly leave it all in God's hands...He listens to our prayers and with unconditional faith He can make the impossible possible. I will also be starting our own blog to educate others, record our days, stay close to friends and family and create more prayers for Gabriel. Although we've never met, please know that you, Timothy and your family will always be in my prayers. I believe God placed your blog in our paths and for that I am thankful! Angelique Sanchez

    1. Hi Angelique, thank you for your kind and supportive words. We feel so encouraged and comforted by many prayers like yours. If you don't mind, I would love to read, follow, and pray for Gabriel and his journey as he starts his transplant. You can also email me at I wish you and your family much peace and strength as you go through BMT. Alice