Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day +36

Yesterday’s clinic was pretty good.  All his counts are looking good, except for his liver.  We stopped one of his meds to see if that’s the culprit.  We’ll see tomorrow how his liver looks.  Other than that, it has been uneventful.  And we like uneventful days :).  I have become very attentive to any and all behavioral changes, no matter how small.  This time of recovery is very critical and I want to “catch” any symptoms that Timothy may display.  I am learning to be thankful for every little blessings and the gift of each new day.  I was reminded of this today through His Word, “This is the day which the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it.”  Every day is a gift.  And each day is created by Him and for Him.  The passage goes on to beseech the Lord for salvation and prosperity.  Each day, I thank God for Timothy’s life.  And I beseech Him for Timothy’s salvation and prosperity of life.
Here are some video clips of Timothy and Claire playing:
This was after dinner and the kids wanting to play with daddy.  If you are wondering what Timothy is saying, he wants a piggyback ride (uh buh, as in uh buh ba in Korean).
The videos below were taken while my mom visited.

My mom getting into it and kids loving Kinect :).

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  1. grandmas are the best. love how she sings along. thank you for the update and the videos! love being able to "see" you guys :)