Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day +27

No clinic today!  We stayed home.  It was nice not rushing in the morning to go to the hospital. 

As far as medical stuff goes… Timothy’s rash seems to have gotten a bit worse.  Other than the pesky rash, he is doing really well.  He’s appetite is definitely back and consuming lots and lots of fruit :).  He really disliked canned fruit he was allowed to eat while in the hospital.  His ANC is up to a little over 1000+, on its own without any GCSF.  And his platelets are going up on its own, too! No transfusion :).  But his WBC is a bit low.  The doctors think some of his meds might have caused this.  So he is on hold for one of them.  As far as his meds go, he is taking: 1 IV (but on hold for now) 2x/day, 1 ointment for rash 4x/day, 1 chewable tablet 1x/day, and 5 oral meds (out of which 1 is 1x/day, 3 are 2x/day, and 1 is 2x/day for only 3 days/wk).  Plus 2 mouthwashes 2x/day :).  It keeps me very busy throughout the day.  Oh, and I have to flush his 2 lumens daily so his PICC lines don’t clog.  I am constantly going over my list.  I am paranoid about forgetting his meds…

We are still packing… we will be moving this Thurs.  It’s amazing how much stuff you accrue in such a short amount of time.  Will post pictures soon.  And we have clinic tomorrow :). 

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  1. Glad to hear the rash is just "pesky".
    God bless, and thanks for sharing with us, as always.