Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day +7

After 2 1/2 weeks in the hospital, I came home for the night.  Timothy is feeling much better and was okay with staying with daddy tonight.  This is him way past his bedtime (around 10 pm), jabbering away :).  He voice seems a little better today and we can hear him.  Daniel wasn’t too pleased with him not sleeping… oh well. 

photo (4)

Good news, the doctor seems to think the worst is over!  So a few nights ago, when he had a rough night, THAT must have been the rock bottom.  He did not need any pain meds during this time :).  We are SO thankful it wasn’t too bad.  My little guy has a pretty high threshold for pain… plus the mucositis was very mild.  Now, we monitor for GVHD and his fluid retention along with his organs. 

So what did I do coming home?  I cleaned.  It’s very therapeutic for me. 


  1. So happy to hear that the worst is over!! Timothy is such a fighter!!! I miss hearing his jabber =)

    and cleaning? hahah, you crack me up, girl!

  2. Praise God! Glad you got to go home for the night. :)

  3. praise God!! so glad T was feeling good enough to jabber away. hehe. hope you get a good nights sleep tonight! continually praying for more reports like this :)

  4. i'm assuming he's out of isolation then? soooo thankful to hear he's feeling better. seriously, timothy is such a tough little guy!

  5. give thanks to the load
    for he is good,his love endures forever

  6. Woohoo! Amazing and what an answer to prayers! And I'm totally with you on the cleaning... I love scrubbing the tub with a toothbrush... it's like a good massage! =)