Monday, February 13, 2012

Day +5

It’s catching up to him… he has good moments and some bad.  Timothy has been having difficulty sleeping due to mucous build up in the throat and wakes up choking on it.  He woke up multiple times crying in pain trying to clear his throat and gags.  I am still hopeful that he will bypass the worst of the mucositis, but everyone is telling me it’s the inevitable.  We’ll see this week.  The “rock bottom” pretty much refers to mucositis (painful and large mouth/throat sores).  Timothy has been tired, yet still manages to play here and there.  Though he woke up 2x already, I hope and pray he will get some restful sleep tonight.  Other than that, the doctors are very pleased with Timothy’s progress.  His counts are good (minus the wiped out immune system).  The doctors are happy to see him look so good :).  One day at a time… we’ll get through this one day at a time. 

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  1. We are counting along with you guys. Please know that each day is filled with prayers from Colorado. :) AJAH AJAH FIGHTING!