Monday, February 6, 2012

Day -2

Timothy will be getting his last chemotherapy this evening.  Eight days of preparative regimen is coming to an end.  I am relieved.  Some of the side-effects will manifest a few days after his BMT on Wednesday.  The common ones are hair loss, severe mouth/throat sores, fatigue… amongst others.  Even though the chemo is almost done, we are not out of the woods just yet.  Timothy will be most vulnerable the first 2 weeks post transplant.  He will have no immunity during this time. 

Today, Timothy was very tired.  After he woke up in the morning, he sat, slept, played, ate on the pull out bed with me all day.  He didn’t walk at all.  He was content to rest and lay next to me.  He also received blood transfusion due to his low hemoglobin.  He perked up a bit after the transfusion for about an hour :).  In the afternoon, Timothy developed a very painful diaper rash.  He screams when I touch the area to clean it.  It’s very tender and painful.  Please pray that his rash will subside in the morning.  Due to his last chemo, we need to change his diaper every 2 hours all night long.  I am hoping this will help and not irritate the rash. 

Tomorrow, he rests from the chemo and then the big day. 

I also wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone for all the comments, texts, emails, and calls.  Though, I can’t answer them individually at this time, please know they are appreciated and welcome.  We are encouraged and uplifted to know we are prayed for, cared for, thought of, and loved.  It means a world to us during this time of need and vulnerability.  We cannot thank you enough.  And thank you for the wonderful care packages to Claire (especially for her birthday) and Timothy.  They light up and feel they are loved.  Thank you, thank you and thank you…


  1. Claire and Timothy ARE loved! praying for his diaper rash...

  2. today we going to the church praying for timothy.& are so strong mom.we love love you....

    1. isaiah41:10}so do not fear,for i am with not be dismayed.for im your GOD.I will strengthen you and help you.i will uphold you with my righteous right hand...Amen

  3. REST. Finally. For at least a day! May tomorrow's day of rest really replenish his body and spirit....for mom and dad too!

  4. Prays are coming all the way from Trinidad :) Just keep trusting.... God has brought you this far... He will not abandon you now... I will begin my day tomorrow with prays for Timothy and for you and your family to be at peace and calm throughout the procedure. God's richest blessings!