Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day +18

Looking back, it seems like it was months ago that we started this journey.  I still can’t believe Timothy went through a bone marrow transplant.  Though, the journey is far from over, at least we are on its way.  Most nights at the hospital, I was on a survival mode.  No time to get sick nor tired.  But on the night he received his new marrow, my body was able to “relax” and feel the fatigue.  This was also the case last night.  When our doctor mentioned Timothy may be discharged Thursday or Friday, it was as if a huge burden was lifted.  We are on the road to recovery.  Of course this is all pending tomorrow’s blood work.  Sometime tomorrow we will know if he is cured of CGD.  And on Tuesday, we will know what percentage of the cells are donor cells.  I am excited and anxious.

Timothy continues to do well.  He’s eating well, feeling better, and really enjoying all the staff on the BMT unit.  He’s very friendly and playful.  Tonight, he was able to “race” with another nurse on his Thomas the Train “ride”.  He had a great time laughing and giggling.  It was good to see. 

He received GCSF yesterday to boost his cells and his ANC is up to 700+.  He received another boost today, so it should be higher tomorrow.  Here’s a video clip of him "clapping” after finishing his puzzle :).  (Apologies for the lack of sound.)

And a special THANK YOU to our dear New Life sisters (you know who you are :)), who are out here to help us out!!!  We are SO thankful for you.  You guys are AMAZING!

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  1. i love seeing his smiling face!!! take good care of yourself, alice. continuing to pray for continued strength and more good news :)