Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day +10

Random facts:

1.  Timothy is very sensitive to low platelet count… thus he had another transfusion today.  We can’t give him a bath with the shower head because the water pressure is too strong and causes petechiae (Petechiae are mall red spots on the skin caused by the breakage of small blood vessels (capillaries) beneath the skin.). 

2.  He LOVES ketchup these days.  Older patients will tell you their taste buds change and food taste like metal.  Many chemo patients are drawn to strong flavored food.  Well, Timothy’s really into ketchup.  He’ll eat a little bit of fries or carrots with a LOT of ketchup.

3.  Timothy likes to sleep with his blankie, Curious George, and hold onto a car or a train.

4.  When he laughs, he sways his head side to side while looking up. 

5.  Due to his high blood pressure (caused by some of his meds), he has been getting diuretics to make him urinate.  This makes his diapers REALLY full.  It will just leak/drip from the full diaper (after being changed an hour or so ago); thus he has to sit on a water proof mat at all times.

6.  He takes his oral meds like a champ.  He currently takes 3 orally, sometimes 4.  And 5 or 6 IV meds, depending on the day.  He’s also very good with his oral care (mouth wash).

7.  When asked upon, he will extend his arm or his leg for his vitals for the nurse.  And he likes to watch his PICC line dressing being changed. 

All in all, he is still doing well.  He was tired today, but took a long nap (though it’s always interrupted). 

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  1. I am so amazed at Timothy...he truly is a champ! So happy to see him laugh and smile in the video.