Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Small Prayer Request

Tomorrow is the dreaded NPO day.  Timothy is scheduled for an echocardiogram (sonogram of the heart) to check his heart.  Because of his age, they are going to sedate him, thus the no food directive.  The procedure will be 30 minutes to an hour and it is scheduled in the afternoon.  We will feed him before 7 am and hopefully we will be able to distract him until his ECHO.  I know this isn’t a too big of a deal, but I am really really dreading it.  He really loves to eat and enjoys food.  It’s going to be torture for him.  We need the miraculous power of God, seriously.  Would you lift up a prayer for him that he will be okay tomorrow morning without food?  Thank you.

One more thing, please check out:

It’s another effort to raise more awareness and get more people registered to be a donor to save a life.


  1. will definitely pray that Timothy's procedure goes well tomorrow and that the NPO won't be too hard on Timothy. I know how much he loves food....feed him a lot in the morning! Will be thinking of you guys all day tomorrow

  2. Praying daily - will pray for this tomorrow!