Thursday, November 3, 2011

Prayer Request

Timothy is not getting better.  He had his blood drawn yesterday and the numbers got worse.  We were hoping from our last hospitalization, his infection would go away.  It’s been over a month and the doctors want to get it treated without locating the source of the infection.  So we’ll be back at CHLA on Monday.  I am dreading it.  Hospital stays are very tiring, draining, and stressful.  I know it’s going to be hard on Timothy.  Would you join me in prayer?

1.  For Timothy's infection to clear up quickly.   He will need a long-term IV line to treat this.

2.  For Timothy to not be scared and be brave.  He's a little traumatized from his last hospitalization.  And that all the procedures will be quick and painless.  Especially the ones where he can’t eat :(. 

3.  For him to sleep well in the hospital crib, even with all the distractions and interruptions.  And for him to be able to go to the common playroom.  He was isolated last time and couldn’t go out of his room.  This was very difficult for him.

4.  For Claire to adjust while mommy and Timothy are away.

5. For Daniel and myself to be strong and have faith.  It's been hard emotionally for me.

6.  For us to make a decision re: the center for Timothy’s transplant.  But first, he needs to get healthy.

Thank you.

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