Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Attending Church (Update on Timothy)

Here is a brief update on Timothy.  Today he was admitted to the hospital because of his prolonged fever and enlarged lymph nodes.  Doctors will run some tests and order a CT scan.

Seems like just yesterday that we were in the hospital, but reflecting back here are some good news.

-         Doctors know what they are treating (looking for abscess, right antibiotics )

-         One of the best CGD doctors(Dr. Church) is attending over Timothy

-         Have an isolation room of his own in the new wing of the hospital

-         Siblings can visit and long visiting hours

-         Wi-Fi signal is good

Here are some not-so good news

-         No determinate time of duration of stay

-         CT scan means no food for Timothy (He loves food)

-         Lots of blood tests and exams (Timothy hates needles, doctors, nurses, and lab technicians)

-         Wi-Fi signal requires sign-in every time you want to use it

Here are some ways you can pray for us: 

-         Pray that Timothy will quickly get over the fever

-         Pray that the doctors will find the abscess/infection and treat it

-         Pray that parents’ health will be sustained during this time

-         Pray that Claire will not miss mommy too much

-         Pray that people do not stop reading this blog because the dad wrote this particularly long and boring post

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  1. You guys are in our prayers - can't possibly imagine what you must be going through.