Friday, July 8, 2011

Pleading for Help

As you know, my son needs a bone marrow transplant.  The reality of it all is too much to grapple and understand.  I believe what I see.  And what I see daily is a healthy-looking boy who loves to eat.  But at the same time, I am reminded daily of his dependence on prescription drugs and not so apparent symptoms which clearly show his imperfections.  Recently, he seemed to have some G.I. upsets again.  Diaper rash, explosive poos, waking up early and being in a foul mood…it’s exactly the same as last time when he had bowel inflammation.  Neither time was he diagnosed, but I am learning how to read his symptoms.  I have also been a little paranoid as of late.  Leaky air conditioner, wet carpet… feeds my too imaginative mind of mold growth and the dangers thereof. 

When this journey began, I vowed Timothy’s illness will be unto His glory.  I didn’t know how, but I wanted it to be my goal.  These days, much guilt has overwhelmed me and clouded my purpose.  It’s hard.  I am feeling lost. 

I have been on a mission, more or less.  From my previous posts, we have gone “public”.  Our contact from A3M has also been working with Korean T.V. and radio stations, hoping they will air Timothy’s story.  I have been brainstorming who I can ask to host bone marrow drives.  So here it goes, if you are willing and able, would you consider being a drive lead?  This is how it works.  If you are a part of an organization or any gathering of people, you can help out by being the drive lead for Timothy.  Let me know if you or anyone you know are interested and I will email your info to my contact at A3M (part of NMDP) and they’ll set up the drive.  If you don’t live in So. Cal, don’t worry, they can do a remote one by training you.  It’ll be a little bit more work on your part, but I hear it’s not difficult.  It just requires a little bit more commitment and time.  Please help, if you are able.  It would be incredible if Timothy found his match through one of these drives.  Thanks for reading.   


  1. alice i can see if i can arrange one at riverside kaiser permanente, let me know how i can help!

  2. Thnks Stella! I will email you...

  3. Alice,

    my brother has been sharing me your story, and I will be glad to help you. Is there a better way to reach you? lmk

  4. Hi Moon,
    You can reach me at

    Thank you...