Friday, July 22, 2011

Justice in Injustice

The past few weeks have been very busy. Last several posts have been dedicated to seeking help… and the response has been tremendous. THANK YOU. I have been overwhelmed by love and compassion of many. But as with all things, it has been and will be a slow process. Many people have been contacted and connected with A3M. And now it’s more or less a waiting game. Slowly, the drives are being scheduled and hopefully, many people will register.

We have also been in the public… at first, we didn’t think much of it. I thought it was pretty simple. Just go tell your story. I have learned this week, that it’s not that simple. Timothy's story was featured again this week. I did not post this information anywhere. In the article, there was a misinformation (at least, I want to believe it was unintentional). The article stated Timothy had found a 100% matching donor, but the donor declined to donate. Obviously, this is not true. Timothy hasn’t found a match and we were told he would have a difficult time finding a perfect match. I am a strong believer in telling the truth. I do not condone stretching the truth or dramatizing facts to draw on public’s sympathy. It was not right. The injustice of it all really got me thinking… what are we doing? The media can be so powerful, yet so deceiving. I felt vulnerable and naked. And even though this journey just began, I felt weary. What other obstacles and setbacks would we have to face? I felt very naïve. But at the end of the day, all was calm. I was reminded of Jesus. The injustice of Jesus’ death took my breath away, once again. How could He have endured the false accusations, insults, mocking and ultimately His death? I was brought back to God’s amazing love for me. Jesus went through all that for me. I am justified because of Jesus.

As far as our next step goes, we will continue on… media included. But I am learning to guard my heart. Once again, the big lesson is to trust in God each step of the way and to be prayerful. Reminder, may Timothy’s sickness be unto His glory. (I am learning little by little what this entails… really dying to myself, my ego, my pride, my all).

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  1. "being reminded of Jesus, and trusting in God every step of the way..."
    Thanks for these great reminders.