Saturday, February 5, 2011

Enjoying Creation...

Since my last post, there hasn't been much progress with the insurance company. We got in contact with them, they are giving us a completely different reason for denying the BMT. Go figure... I think they are just stalling for more time or just making the process more difficult. I did find out how much it would be to have the transplant without insurance. Are you ready? $500,000 for the transplant and a few thousand for each possible match to be tested. And we wouldn't know how many would be tested. So there you have it. We need insurance.

Last Sunday, we heard a wonderful sermon about our God, the ultimate shepherd. It was very reassuring to know that we are in good hands. We need not worry about ANYTHING, though the application of it can be quite challenging with our limited understanding. But nonetheless, very comforting to know who our maker and redeemer is. The sermon began with our ability to enjoy nature, His creation. At this, as with many other things these days, our thoughts wandered to consider Timothy and his condition. He can't and won't be able to enjoy as much as the rest. With his condition, he has some restrictions... Here are some no no's for him.
  1. No digging up soil (including gardening). Windows must be closed even when a neighboring house does gardening, especially if they are working with some sort of mulch. No grass clippings and garden waste.
  2. No hay. No farm/barn. No farm animals (including petting zoo or places like pumpkin patches).
  3. No parks (moldy grass is no good).
  4. No caves.
  5. No swimming in lakes, rivers, canals, or dirty oceans (i.e. Santa Monica).
  6. No dusty areas (fungal spores are very dangerous for him). Baseball field is questionable.
  7. No playgrounds with wood chips.

Besides enjoying nature restrictions:

  1. No construction sites.
  2. No old buildings/homes (mold and old piping).
  3. No newly renovated places and homes (recarpeting or replacing tiles).
  4. No re-potting plants.
  5. Cannot go bare feet.

These are some of the recommendations from this link. My boy will have to enjoy nature in other ways.

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  1. Will be praying for your family, Alice. We love you Timothy! So thankful our faithful, good shepherd has His hands tightly wrapped around you.