Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day +244

Update on Timothy’s health:
Last week, we met with a pulmonologist at CHLA.  As expected, we talked a lot about Timothy’s lung history.  The doctor was very thorough and patient.  So the plan is Timothy will start on the inhaler which has a tiny bit of steroids in hopes that when he is weaned off the oral steroids, his lungs will be sustained.  If this doesn’t work, they might do a lung biopsy.  I am hoping we won’t have to do this.  It’s a very invasive procedure.  Timothy’s chest x-ray from last week looks good and hopefully it will stay this way.

We also had a clinic visit today.  We decreased the steroids a little bit.  Checked his bloodwork. Got the first part of the flu shot.  And we haven’t received a phone call re: the lab results, so we can assume that all his counts are good. 

We are extremely thankful.  Timothy has been happy.  He has been enjoying visitors, since he doesn’t get to really go out.  If you are wondering… we are okay with adult visitors who are not sick.  But not in big groups.  Also if you’d like to visit, please get the flu shot.  We were all directed to get the flu shot this year for Timothy’s sake.  And it has to be the shot and not the nasal spray (nasal mist has live flu virus).  Thank you all for your love and prayers for our Timothy!

Here are some pictures of the kids.  Daniel finally took out his camera and decided to take some pictures :).  Enjoy!

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