Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day +64

The past several days have been very long.  We are currently hospitalized due to Timothy’s low oxygenation.  He is not breathing in deeply.  His breathing is shallow and his heart is working hard to compensate.  The doctors are trying to figure out why Timothy has a fluid build-up in his lungs.  So far all the tests have come back negative… from the biopsy, blood work, nasal wash… everything.  Except for the rhinovirus.  So it seems that this isn’t infectious in nature.  It may be an immune response and an inflammation in the body, which would cause leakage and thus the fluid build-up.  It could be viral, but the best case scenario would be inflammation.  Please pray for Timothy… as soon as his breathing stabilizes, we will be discharged.  We are hoping the steroids (for the inflammation) will work and his body will calm down.  He has been more fatigued and irritable and a bit swollen too.  As for me, everything happened so quickly, I haven’t had any time to even think.  Because of Timothy’s unexpected hospitalization, all of us were caught off guard.  Logistically, it was difficult trying to figure things out.  I have had my share of emotional ups and more downs.  Seeing Timothy adjust so well to being an in-patient broke my heart.  I think he knew he was sick and needed to be here.  There was absolutely no resistance and settled in as if this is where he belonged.  Thankfully, we were comforted by all the kind nurses and doctors here :).


  1. I hope the steroids work. Always thinking of you guys and praying...

  2. Beloved Song family. Please let us know as soon as you hear any news. We will praying for him and for all of you. Praying that this will be merely inflammation, and that this pass quickly!