Monday, April 9, 2012

Day +61

Timothy had clinic today. 

Good news:  his counts are still good. 

Not so good news:  he will have a lung/fluid biopsy tomorrow.

Over the weekend, he still had the cold symptoms.  In addition, I noticed his breathing was a bit labored last night.  The doctors noticed it too.  So we had a chest x-ray while in clinic and it showed some cloudiness, possibly some fluid build-up.  Since he is still fresh out of transplant, the doctors are taking all precautionary measures to make sure he is okay.  While waiting for the lab results, several other tests were scheduled.  Echocardiogram showed nothing significant, but the chest CT showed definite fluid build-up around his lungs.  Timothy will go NPO tomorrow morning and will have a lung/fluid biopsy.  We are unsure of the time of the procedure.  We will be there early, so hopefully the procedure will be in the morning.  Please pray for Timothy… for a safe procedure, for the biopsy result, and for him to not get scared.  He also developed a rash.  Please pray it will go away…  Thank you.

As warned, the first 100 days are unpredictable.  A roller coaster ride of emotions. 


  1. keeping you guys in our prayers!!

  2. praying. praying. praying. hang in there!

  3. Prayed for Timothy's lung biopsy, hoping that it went well and that they can find out what caused the fluid to accumulate so that they can intervene effectively...May God continue to be with Timothy!