Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day +48

Stats: (from Monday’s clinic visit)

WBC:  2.91

RBC:  3.19

HGB:  9.2

Platelet:  131

ANC:  2240

Kidney and liver:  normal

Donor cells: 100% (checked again last week)

Everything is heading in the right direction.  Exactly 48 days ago, all the above numbers pertaining to his immune system were non-existent.  It’s amazing to see those numbers.  It’s only been 48 days, but the dreadful days of pre-transplant days seem ages ago.  It’s funny how my memory works… as soon as I see the light at the end of the tunnel, all the pain and fear seem to dissipate.  A distant, hazy memory.  Of course all is not perfect and there are memories of those days that are etched in my heart.  Some images, some experiences, some emotions, I will never forget.  But to have come this far, is amazing.  I think of the future with hopeful delight.  Things I want to do with Timothy… I get giddy that I am allowed to hope this way.  Thank you, Lord for this hope. 

Clinic again tomorrow.


  1. Our God is truly amazing!!! So glad that we can rejoice together in his progress :)

  2. Bless the Lord! Glory to God in the highest!!!