Friday, March 23, 2012

Day +44

Just a quick update before the weekend… We had clinic on Wednesday and everything looked great!  So we don’t need to return until Monday :).  Timothy even stopped 2 of his meds as of today.  He is down to 3.  Timothy has been active and continues to eat well.  We are very blessed and thankful.  His skin seems to have lightened up a bit as well. 

Thank you for your continued prayers, everyone!  Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Hi Alice, I was made aware of your blog about Timothy's situation through I am so happy post transplant is going well. I understand what you have gone through and what you are at this moment, as my son,Andrew, has been battling cancer for three years, with a relapse this past January. We have been blessed to have found a donor and will, God willing, go to transplant in the middle of May.

    There have been good days and bad, but by God's grace the Park Family makes it everyday. I will make sure I pray for Timothy, you and the rest of the family. Are there any specific requests? Anyway, I will keep of with your blog and if you are interested, here is Andrew's blog:

    Take care and as you wrote, and it's my go to philosophy, "One step at a time".

    Joe Park