Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day +25

So… We have been frequenting the clinic EVERYDAY.  Yes, including yesterday and today.  And they have been quite long… 2, 3, 4 hours.  The doctors are having difficulty maintaining the right level of one of his meds (Cyclosporine).  It’s an immunosuppressant.  This helps avoid any GVHD (Graft Vs. Host Disease).  His dosage has been halved twice already and he had to skip several dosages.  Well, while at the clinic today, we noticed a faint rash near his right shoulder/neck area.  The doctors were able to take a look and said it was a very mild GVHD.  I was really hoping Timothy would not get ANY of this.  The rash has spread a bit this evening and Timothy started itching :(.  We got a new prescription to put on his rash.  Would you please pray the rash will go away?  And Timothy won’t have any other GVHD symptoms, besides this mild rash?  Also, that the doctors will be able to figure out the right dosage of Cyclosporine so it would be therapeutic?  It is a bit disheartening, especially since he was doing so well.  Any setback makes me nervous.  Thank you, everyone…

Also, we are moving next week.  God has provided a more spacious and affordable place for us.  We were hoping to get this apartment from the beginning.  Now, it’s available.  This will be our residence here in Houston until we return to CA.  More details to come later this week…


  1. So sorry for the setback... will be praying specifically for the GVHD. So excited for better housing, though!!

  2. Hope the rash has gotten better in the last 48 hours.
    Our thoughts and prayers are always with you.
    God is good!