Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day -7

Another uneventful day.  Timothy definitely has less energy, but faring well so far.  One more day of the same preparative regimen and then we’ll see how his little body tolerates the new drugs.  All morning and throughout the day, we did puzzles.  He loves putting them together.  He’s definitely not very active, but is enjoying a lot of sit down activities. 


I am just on auto-pilot these days.  But when I do have a moment to ponder upon my reality, it doesn’t seem real.  My baby is being injected with toxic chemicals and it makes me sad.  I want all of this to be done and over, so we can move on.  But this is where God has placed us and He is in control.  I shall count every blessings, small and big.  And there are many.  We are at a wonderful hospital with wonderful doctors and nurses.  We have amazing, supportive friends and family.  And we have been showered with prayers.  We are fortunate to be the recipients of God’s love through God’s people.  Thank you, once again.

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  1. Oh the memories we have of that playroom! I am so glad to hear that he's doing well! Stay strong, mama!