Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lab Results

Timothy had another lab work done this past Thursday.  We were hoping for a clean result, since the week before all of his numbers were good except for one.  So by this time, I was confident that 3.5 weeks of IV antibiotics would have done the trick.  But not so.  Timothy continues to puzzle the doctors with his non-symptomatic (for the most part) infection.  His inflammatory markers went back up again.  And in addition, his neutrophil numbers are way down.  This can mean his current IV antibiotics’ toxicity is causing this or he has developed an additional immunologic complication wherein which his body has failed to produce them.  For now, we have stopped the treatment and will do another bloodwork next Wed. to see if anything changes.  I have no idea what this means as far as his treatment plan goes.  Our boy is sick and we don’t know why. 

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