Saturday, November 26, 2011

Decision Made

We have made our decision.  After many discussions with many different doctors and with one another, we will be pursuing Timothy’s bone marrow transplant at Texas Children’s Hospital (TCH) in Houston.  All the paperwork has been transferred and it is official.  The donor was contacted and is willing to donate.  Thank goodness!  At this time, TCH is requesting the marrow harvest date early January.  If all goes well, we need to be out there end of December to begin pre-transplant screening and pursue BMT early January.  We really feel the Lord’s leading in all of this.  Everything seems to just fall into place… But it is not without a heavy heart, we pursue this.  I know Timothy will go through, probably the most painful experience of his life.  But we trudge on, knowing that this too is part of His plan for Timothy and for us.  We trust in His sovereignty, especially during this time of weakness.  Because we have to.

More prayer requests…

1.  We need to find housing and figure out our car situation.  It’s too far to drive. 

2.  That our insurance will approve everything AND give us additional stipend for out-of-state housing/travel costs.

3.  Throughout the transplant, Timothy will have NO complications and No side-effects to chemo and the transplant.  That everything will be textbook and we will be able to return home in 100 days post-transplant.

4.  Lastly, that God would be glorified through every step of the transplant process.  Possibly, we can be a witness to the medical staff whom we will be interacting with about the faithfulness and goodness of God.

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