Saturday, May 7, 2011

Normal Again

After my last post, many of you have asked regarding Timothy’s results after his appointment and blood work.  Usually, after a routine blood work, I get a letter explaining the visit and the results in the letter (unless there’s something pressing then the doctor would call me before the letter is sent out).  Here’s the letter:


This was the first time his complete blood count (CBC), Sed. rate and CRP (inflammatory markers) were NORMAL.  Usually, for an unknown reason, they were slightly elevated within normal range.  Not this time.  It took him more than a year since his first major infection (staph), to get completely normal again.  I have read some infections can last 9 months with serious antibiotics treatment.  At least Timothy’s infection technically lasted a little over a month.  But all along his blood work showed slight inflammation, until now :).

Thank you to all who read this blog and wondered about his results.  It means so much to us. 

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