Saturday, April 30, 2011

Going to Church

This past Thursday, Timothy had his Immunology appointment.  We love his doctor.  Dr. Church is very personable and good with kids.  4 months ago, when he had his last appointment, Timothy had a lot of anxiety.  His stranger anxiety was at its peak.  Needless to say, he cried a lot that day.  Well, this time around it was different.

Before we left for CHLA:


In the car, on our way, on 5 fwy.  8:45 am.


He took a little nap on the way :).  I guess it was warm in the car.


Arrived at CHLA 10:00 am.



Waiting to be called for his 10:30 am appointment.


He did not like being weighed.  Almost 27 lbs..


Nor being measured for height.


Blood pressure – normal :).


This time around they needed an urine sample for urine analysis.


Waiting again… now for Dr. Church.


Timothy did great.  Didn’t cry nor fussed.  One of the residents commented that he was the best toddler patient she has seen :).  Here’s Dr. Church:


Now for the dreaded blood draw…  We do this regularly to check for infections as well as to monitor his liver and kidneys for any damage due to his long-term antibiotics use.  Did I mention that he has extremely small veins and his veins move around?  Oh, and he’s a bit chunky so you can’t SEE his veins.


Waiting again… 11:50 am.


I held him on my lap as the Phlebotomist looked for his vein.  Thankfully, Timothy was calm and observant.  12:30 pm.



This time only one poke.  Though the technician had to search for a while.  Only 2 tubes.  And no tears.


I apologize for the blurry pictures.  It was just Timothy and me and I had to take pictures very quickly. 

We were home by 2 pm.  Our next appointment is in August.  Until then…

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  1. Wow - what an ordeal, and it sounds like this was one of the better times. Thank you for showing us a little of what you go through, a picture does say a thousand words. As always, love and prayers!