Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Channel 18 News

Post-Transplant update

On Timothy’s medical front:

He continues to do well.  Since starting preschool, he has had a runny nose non-stop.  But he has been fighting through every single illness without any help from meds.  It’s awesome to be sick and to not worry about his sickness.  I can’t believe he hasn’t taken any medications for months.

We have slowly started to see some of the side effects from the numerous meds he was on during his transplant.  It’s already determined that he will have teeth issues.  His adult teeth are already coming in (I know… they are early, but he had his first baby teeth at 3 months.) and they are hypocalcified (softer enamels).  This means he will be prone to cavities more than others.  Fortunately, his 2 front teeth came out normal, but his molars are coming out hypocalcified :(.  We will just be extra vigilant with his dental check-ups.  FYI, we use MI paste to protect his teeth every morning and night.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  And happy December :).

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