Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day +202

Today was one of those days… I was saddened by the reality of Timothy’s physical frailty.  Perhaps, it’s just unrequited longing for wholeness, especially of the physical body.  Sometimes, this reality angers me, sometimes it brings me peace with greater truths, but today it brought me sadness and longing for what my son does not have.  Thankfully, he is one of the most content and easy going 2 year old I know.  Going to hospitals and meeting doctors and nurses are his norm.  Even when he does complain, he can be easily persuaded.  What a kid… I spoke with the BMT nurse today regarding his blood work.  His numbers are a bit all over the place.  Some are more worrisome than others.  For those interested:  his sed rate is very elevated (this can be an indication of an infection, inflammation, or GVHD).  His hemoglobin was quite low, so Timothy may get a blood transfusion tomorrow.  His chemistry is a bit off as well, liver enzymes are slightly elevated along with his magnesium and glucose level.  And his cyclosporine level was very low (in the 80’s).  Some of these numbers aren’t major concerns, at least not yet.  But just hearing all the “abnormalities” brought me to the realization that Timothy’s body is frail.  It was a tiring day.  I pray for a more hopeful day tomorrow.  Please continue to pray for Timothy.  We have another visit tomorrow. 


  1. Dear Alice, it is so great to know that you guys are in your home and close to family and friends. I'm sure that during hard days like today, nothing in this world seems to be enough to comfort. I'm praying with you for complete healing for Timothy as soon as possible! Praying also for God's truth to be in the forefront of your thoughts so you can endure and conquer these hard days with peace and hope. Hugs to you all. Claudia

  2. Ugh. Sorry to hear this! What a little trooper though. These kiddos never cease to amaze me. We can learn so much from them. Prayers things turn around quickly!

  3. It was a tiring day. I pray for a more hopeful day tomorrow. Please continue to pray for Timothy. We have another visit tomorrow.