Monday, June 4, 2012

Day +117

No date yet.  At least we are not in a hurry to return.  Thankfully, Daniel’s job has been flexible and both of our kids are young enough they themselves don’t have schedules, not even school.  We have been very fortunate with everything, even the timing of the whole transplant.  God does know best and it’s worked out seamlessly.  We have clinic again on Wednesday along with Timothy’s last IVIG infusion and hopefully we’ll know better when our return date may be.  On a positive note, we have discontinued the steroids and few others that accompanied the steroids.  So he is down to 3 meds!  Hopefully, we’ll go home with only 3 :).  One of them is cyclosporine, which is the “hairy” medicine.  So don’t be shocked when we return because Timothy will be hairy for awhile :).  We are still very vigilant with every possible symptom Timothy may display… every slight cough, every mood change, every breathing sound he makes, makes us wonder.  Is it a relapse or just a common toddler thing?  Please continue to pray for Timothy… and for us as well. 

We took a walk today after dinner and went to the pool to watch other people swim :).

photo (13)

One more thing… May I ask you to pray for one more request?  This does not pertain to Timothy, but for another patient who is in need of an urgent prayer.  His name is Andrew and he just had a bone marrow transplant and is critically ill.  The next few days are very critical.  It’s heart-breaking to see this teenager fighting for his life and for his family to endure this difficult time.  For more information:

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  1. Continued prayers! It looks like you will be on your way home soon! SOOOO exciting!