Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 100!!!

Today is a very special day.  God has led us through and Timothy is on his way to recovery.  We are thankful and feel truly blessed.  This is yet another huge milestone in the BMT world.  As each day passes, there’s a fewer chances of Graft V. Host Disease, at least the acute kind.  There’s still a chance of chronic GVHD, even up to 3 years post transplant.  It’s been 100 days since Timothy has been CGD-free. 

Here’s Claire’s congratulatory remark to her brother, Tim :).

In addition, we have received a card from our donor this week.  It brought so many emotions reading the card and having this communication with the donor.  Timothy has a second chance in life because of this donor.  Thank you.  If you are not on the registry to become a bone marrow donor, please do consider being on the registry.  It only requires a cheek swab and some paper work.  You may be the one to save someone else’s life and give their family hope.  We are so thankful and humbled to be in the receiving end.  For more information, go to A3M website to order an individual kit.

Here are some pictures from today…

photo 4

photo 1

Enjoying lunch:

photo 3

photo 2


  1. YAY T!!! Congratulations to you all for making it to Day 100!!!!! Can't wait to have you guys back home :)

  2. Big hug to all of you! how T has double the amount of food on his plate than C. =)

  3. Awesome!!!!! Another baek-il for Timothy! Can't wait to see you guys again. Come home, come home!!! =)

  4. Congratulations Timothy!! Happy 100th Day!! ;-)