Friday, March 9, 2012

Day +30

Almost… we were almost admitted today.  We need your prayers.  If anything happens this weekend… a call from the doctor with the blood culture results, a fever, diarrhea, any symptoms of sickness, fatigue, or not just feeling well, etc…, we are to report straight to the ER.  Timothy seemed a little down yesterday with low energy.  I thought it was from the move and lack of sleep.  This morning at the clinic, instead of playing or even sitting up, he resorted to just laying on my lap.  Very unusual of Timothy.  He did perk up after a while.  Well, the lab results had some suspicious numbers.  His WBC (white blood cell) count shot up out of nowhere suggesting an infection along with his band % (young neutrophil numbers and a type of WBC) being unusually high.  The young neutrophils should be in the marrow, not in the blood stream.  Would you please pray Timothy still has 100% donor cells and nothing fishy is going on with his new marrow?  Also, if there is an infection somewhere in his body, that his new immune system will kick into gear and take care of it?  Timothy did get 2 IV antibiotics at the clinic today as a precautionary measure.  So this weekend, we are on standby, so to speak…

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  1. Oh no, Alice. Don't know what to say. Just prayed for you guys. Timothy will pull through this.