Friday, January 20, 2012


Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) describes the flow rate of filtered fluid through the kidney.  Basically, this test shows if Timothy’s kidneys are functioning properly.  We are almost done with the pre-transplant evaluation.  We have to make sure Timothy is healthy before proceeding with the transplant.  Today was a LONG and tiring day.  We started early in the morning in order to get an IV line.  Getting the IV line was very very very stressful and arduous.  It took 3 RNs and 5 tries.  1st poke: middle of the left arm.  2nd poke: right hand.  3rd poke: side of right hand (above thumb).  4th poke: left hand.  5th poke: side of left hand (above thumb).  Needless to say, Timothy was not happy.  He was strap down on a hospital bed.  He was scared and I couldn’t do anything.  After the IV insertion, we had to wait an hour for the blood draw.  Thankfully, no pokes.  They were able to use the IV line.  It took 1/2 hour though.  His veins did not cooperate.  The IV was repositioned, his arms were squeezed, different syringes and methods were tried, by 3 nurses.  For his second draw, another 1/2 hour and this time the whole department was there to help.  Thankfully, the last draw was relatively quick with only one nurse :). 

We spent the whole day at the hospital… including Claire.  She was great and tried to even distract Timothy when he was screaming and crying.  We are exhausted, but glad it’s over.  One more test on Monday. 

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