Friday, December 16, 2011

Upcoming Dates

We leave in 10 days.  I have not packed.  Nothing is prepared.  We are just going.  But we do have good news… we have found temporary housing (while Timothy is hospitalized).  We are hoping to move to a more suitable place when Timothy gets discharged maybe in February or March for the whole family.  So we at least have an address to go to when we get there. 

Some important dates…

December 19th (Monday) – Timothy’s donor will be health screened.

December 26th (Monday) – Our family will be relocating to Houston, TX.  Staying at Aishal House for at least 2 months.  It’s affordable, furnished and close to the hospital.

December 30th (Friday) – We will get the results of the screening, whether or not the donor is cleared to donate.

January 8th (Sunday) – Timothy will be admitted to TCH to start his preparative regimen.  It will be an intense chemotherapy treatment to get rid of his current defective immune system.  (Between Dec. 28th until Jan. 8th, Timothy will be evaluated for the transplant as an outpatient.)

January 18th (Wednesday) – BMT/infusion.  Timothy will receive his new marrow.  This day will be considered DAY 0.  It usually takes about 3 weeks for the marrow to grow and we will know then if his body has accepted the new marrow.  Typically, BMT patients are in the hospital for about 6-8 weeks. 

End of February – Hopefully, we will be discharged by this time and living in a different housing.  We will have to be close to the center for at least 100 days post transplant.

End of April – This would be 100 days post transplant.  If there are no complications and side-effects, this would be the earliest we would come home.

Above schedule is a textbook schedule.  We hope to be just that… or better.


  1. So thankful housing is taken care of for now! Praise God! Will continue to pray. The boys pray for Tmothy every day.

  2. Praying for things to go smoothly. Ben was a bone marrow donor for his sister... saved her life 12 years ago next month :)