Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Uncertainty Again…

We made it.  It has been a whirlwind the past two days.  We arrived safely Monday evening.  And today, it feels a little bit settled.  I have to admit, it was a bit of a shock when we walked into our new living quarters Monday evening.  I didn’t know what to expect since I have never lived in a furnished place.  The clean-freak in me reacted.  So the next day was spent ALL day cleaning (after we made our trip to Target and purchasing needed cleaning supplies).  My only regret… not bringing/purchasing a mask.  The toxic fumes nearly knocked me out.  Really.  Anyhow, it’s clean now :).  Thank you, friends and our home church for the Target gift card… we spent it all :). 

Today we had our first appointment.  We spent 4.5 hours at the hospital.  Timothy did great with the doctors and the check-ups.  Only thing he had a hard time with was the blood draws.  They had A LOT of tubes, meaning they needed A LOT of blood.  Of course, Timothy is a hard stick.  They poked him 5 times today.  He was hysterical.  We also received some questionable news.  Right now, the donor is in the process of getting screened and tested to make sure they are in optimal health.  Well, there might be some health concerns… we will know more tomorrow morning as to what this all means.  Please pray for the donor, that all will be well…  It’s unsettling not knowing what’s going to happen. 

Other than that, if all checks out, Timothy will undergo at least 2 full days of evaluation.  This includes IV lines and being NPO (not being able to eat).  It’s going to be tough.  Claire seems to be doing OKAY.  She’s definitely bored and starting to act up a little.  Daniel and I need wisdom as we handle everything including parenting our kids. 

Here are some pictures from tonight at our place:

photo 1

photo 2


  1. Hi Alice,
    I was just hiking about you today and trying to find the time to write you to ask how your move went and how you were settling in. I guess having been on the road and "living" Insoo many different places the last 9-10 months ourselves, my heart went out to ya. I can totally understand the "shock" of walking into places that are not your own place,haha.:) Cleaning products have become my good friends. We will continue to pray for all that you mentioned, especially for the donor to be in optimal health at this point so as to not disrupt any existing transplant and treatment plans. Miss you all.

  2. Continued prayers, Alice. We will be at TCH Feb 3rd. I hope we can meet up.

    Sending hugs as you begin this new chapter,