Monday, September 19, 2011

Possible Match?

Last night, I emailed our BMT coordinator to ask if there have been any possible matches for Timothy.  I haven’t heard from our coordinator in a while, so I like to check in time to time.  She emailed me this morning.  There might be a possible match…  She is going to review this information with the BMT doctor to confirm.  Hopefully, I will hear back from her tomorrow.  Can this be it???  My heart is racing just thinking about the possibility.  Would you pray for us tonight?  That this may be Timothy’s chance at a healthy, normal life? 

The coordinator thought I may have ESP :).  Maybe… or just mom’s intuition/gut feeling… Thank you, Lord, for this hope.


  1. I've been reading your blog and have been wanting to attend a bone marrow drive. It's strange cuz I had a dream about your son recently where I read your blog and you wrote that you found a match. I've been constantly checking to see your updates... Hopefully it really is a match... Will be praying for you and your family!!!