Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Day in the Life of Timothy

This is Timothy’s day…

1.  Sleeps about 12 hours every night (sometimes 13 or more…)

2.  Takes one nap, usually around 1.5 hours (though yesterday, he decided to sleep 4 hours… yes, you read it right, FOUR)

3.  Breakfast between 8 to 9 am, Lunch around 11-12 pm, Dinner between 4:30-5:30 pm.  And of course, 3 snacks, after each meal :).

4.  He says:  ball, balloon, fruit, maam-ma, daddy (in Korean), Claire (sort of), God… And signs: more, please, thank you… throughout the day to communicate.

5.  Loves to mimic Claire and plays with her all day long.  Loves cars and trains.

6.  He waves good-bye, gives kisses (usually with his head) when asked to.

7.  And he loves to show affection and act silly throughout the day. 

8.  Tells me when he goes pee and poo.

9.  He knows how to blow his nose after fighting with Claire and crying.

10. He can put on his pants and shoes (Crocs).

11. Takes his meds daily/weekly (2 antibiotics and the immune boosting shots).

And when he is off his normal routine (like yesterday when he slept for 4 hours), mommy starts to worry.  I started thinking he might have a fever, wondering why he was sleeping so much???  Sometimes, I forget to just enjoy. 

Here’s a clip of Timothy attempting to talk :).  Enjoy…

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