Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Beginning

A little over a year ago, my son was born. He was perfect and beautiful. Within minutes of his birth, I knew our family was complete. My daughter who was almost 2 at the time was eager to meet her new brother. My husband immediately fell in love with him. Timothy Linus Song was born. The first few months of his life, we were just trying to survive the sleepless nights and fatigue. My daughter, Claire, was going through some insecurity issues and wasn't napping well. We did notice that Timothy spat up a lot more than Claire when she was a baby and had constant congestion in his nasal passage. We had the humidifier going all the time, did the hot shower/steam thing, saline solution with the nasal aspirator, tried everything. But it was always always stuffed up and he would often have hard time feeding. We just thought this was all a "boy" thing, since we only had a daughter-experience. Well, a few days after his 2 month well-baby check-up, I noticed two very enlarged lymph nodes on both sides of his neck. I immediately called the doctor, but the nurse thought that it probably wasn't anything significant. Well, moms have this gut instincts where you know something just isn't right. So a few days later, I called again. This time a nurse helpline since it was pretty late in the evening. We were instructed to take his temperature. And he had a fever. Because of Timothy's relatively mild temperament, he wasn't showing us any signs of discomfort or sickness. We headed to the ER. I thought we would be there a few hours with some diagnosis of an infection and a prescription for some meds and voila! it would be done. It was so much more... I could never have imagined what our lives would be like the next 2 weeks.

Timothy 2 weeks old.

Timothy 2 months old.


  1. Praise God for mother's intuition - so true that we somehow just know, and such a gift from God! Thank you so much for your openness in sharing!
    Jessica deBruyn

  2. Dear Alice,

    Thank you for making the difficult decision to share. I can't imagine the agony and the heartache of having to re-live some of these most excruciating moments, hours and days. But despite the pain, I hope that your sharing will bring peace for you, too.

    You are one of the strongest women I know. You inspire me.

    Hang in there.